10 Possible Funding Options to Grow Your Business

Establishing a business is a special moment in the life of every entrepreneur. For a start-up to flourish, it requires proper vision followed by accurate planning. Entrepreneurs also need access to sufficient funds while planning their start-up.  In the current ecosystem, there is a wide range of funding options available for entrepreneurs. So if you are looking forward to starting your own business, you can opt for these funding options:


It is one of the most popular ways to source funds. There are a lot of crowdfunding websites which can help you find potential investors for your business.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are multipurpose loans that can be availed for many reasons. Financial institutions do not enquire you about the usage of the loan amount before approving personal loans. Therefore, it is one of the most viable funding options for start-ups.  A good credit score can help you avail a high loan amount at low interest rate. Also, personal loans can be easily availed online with the help of leading banks and Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC).

Angel Investment

Angel investments involve people known as Angel Investors. These are people with healthy reserves of cash and are willing to invest in different upcoming businesses. Apart from providing funds, these investors also provide mentoring for the businesses.

Venture Capitalists for Your Business

It is a type of funding which is provided to businesses at an early stage. Venture capitalists invest in businesses that show the possibility of long-term growth and high monetary returns.


Microloans are short-term loans provided by NBFCs and micro-financers. These loans are provided to small scale businesses that have a low capital requirement. The interest rates of microloans are comparatively lower.

Small business loans

Small business loans, commonly known as “term loans” or “commercial business loans,” are a popular financing option for start-ups. The eligibility criteria for small business loans may differ from one financial institution to another. Most lenders will prioritize your personal credit score, annual income, profitability and age of your business before approving the small business loan. The process of availing a business loan is completely hassle-free. You can also use an online EMI calculator which helps you to get an estimate of your monthly installments.

Purchase Order Funding

Purchase Order Funding helps you get money upfront for your verified purchase orders. You can instantly meet your high demands and avoid losing your customers because of low cash flow.

Vendor Financing

Vendor Financing is when a vendor lends money to a customer to buy their services or inventory. Sometimes, it is also called “trade credit”.


You can participate in various start-up conventions. The prize money obtained can be extremely helpful in funding your start-up.

Loans from family or friends

Lastly, you can always turn to your family or friends in case of urgent need of funds.

These are some of the possibilities which you can consider to avail funding for your business. Ensure that you make optimum use of the funds for the growth and expansion of your business.


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