Services Offered by Insolvency Trustees in Ottawa

Whether it is caused by investment losses, marital problems, job loss, overspending or any other thing that results in cash shortages, financial instability is one thing that can throw you off balance, making it almost impossible for you to continue meeting your financial obligations. However, with the help of qualified insolvency professionals, it is actually possible for you to resolve your debt or financial problems and ultimately regain your stability once more.

Insolvency Trustees in Ottawa

If your debt has spiraled out of control and you are in a financial mess, you should seek assistance from qualified insolvency trustees. If you are in Ottawa, you will find some of the best insolvency trustees that can handle even the most complex financial or debt issues. Whether you are in serious need of debtor assist or corporate restructuring in Ottawa, the trustees will provide you with solutions that will propel you to your financial freedom. Their services include:

  1. Corporate Restructuring in Ottawa

If your business is experiencing significant financial troubles, re-organizing its structure will help improve its worth and ultimately rebuild the trust of creditors and stakeholders in the business. Fortunately, the professional insolvency trustees can evaluate the financial state of your organization and recommend the best solutions. These may include financial restructuring, which helps to increase the capital of your business, or operational restructuring, which involves changing the way your company is run.

  1. Debtor Assist

With student loans, car loans, credit card debt payments, mortgage payments and a range of other financial obligations, many people have found themselves at risk of accumulating debt. If you are in such a state, the specialists can offer you useful debt help as well as credit counselling and a range of other financial services. They will show you how to budget and make adjustments to your lifestyle in order to gain full control of your finances and achieve your long-term financial goals.

  1. Debt Consolidation

This process usually involves the acquisition of a debt consolidation loan that enables you to make only one monthly payment when repaying your different debts. The option will lower the interest you would have paid on your different debts and it will also significantly reduce your chances of defaulting. Note that this type of loan is usually sought from financial institutions such as banks and it is usually equal to the total amount of your outstanding debts.


  1. Personal Bankruptcy

If you are not able to pay your unsecured debt amounting to at least $1000, this option can offer you the financial relief you need. Here, the trustee will help you file for the bankruptcy and then notify all of your creditors. They will also collect and sell off non-exempt assets and distribute the proceeds to your creditors. Any surplus income will also be distributed to your creditors.

The insolvency trustees can also offer a range of other options including consumer proposals, corporate proposals, and corporate bankruptcy, among other things. Whether you or your business is in a serious financial crisis and you do not know how to get out, the insolvency trustees can assist you. In any case, they are renowned for providing the best insolvency solutions, including debtor assist and corporate restructuring in Ottawa.

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