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Feel like a giggle? Want to lighten your day with an hour or two of laughs? Then it sounds like a comedic flick would be right up your alley.

Comedy falls into a number of categories, and first up it’s worth noting the difference between American comedy and British comedy. American comedy has a lot of laugh-ability and is often based upon unbelievably outrageous scenarios. This is in contrast to British comedy which is more subtle and sarcastic in nature. People generally find they prefer one style of comedy over the other.

The success of a comedy is very much in timing and the skill of delivery on the part of the cast. A fantastic British comedic actor is Hugh Grant. Known for movies like Bridget Jones Diary and About a Boy, he is a master of delivering subtle and sarcastic one-liners.

In contrast to this, Adam Sandler is a much-celebrated American comedic actor who is loud and ‘in your face’ with hilarity. He is known for movies like Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison and being an American comedic actor, displays the complete opposite comedic style to the British Hugh Grant.

Comedy films always have a happy ending and are light-hearted and fun. The exception to this is Black Comedy. Black Comedy is a spin-off genre that centres on subjects that are taboo. It is a genre that can offend sensitive people, with subjects such as rape, violence and drug abuse referred to in jest.

Comedy movies that prove popular, often end up becoming part of a series, with a number of sequels. For example, The Hangover staring Bradley Cooper now incorporates The Hangover I, The Hangover II and The Hangover III. Many people say that sequels are never as good as the original, and Film Executives are just trying to make a cash grab off the back of a popular original, but there are also people who claim that some comedy sequels are better than the original. This has been the case for 22 Jump Street (sequel to 21 Jump Street) and Rush Hour 2.

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