7 Reasons For Availing Travel Insurance Policy

Getting a travel insurance policy can be a life-saver in certain situations. Online travel insurance policies have made the process of getting a travel insurance policy online extremely easy and accessible. This article looks at some of the important reasons for availing traveller insurance. Everyone likes to travel, but no one likes to encounter unfortunate eventualities in their time of leisure and enjoyment. Even though travel insurance may appear to be just another added expense, It is always good to avail the same. Many people often question the purpose of travel insurance in India. Here we look at some important scenarios that highlight the importance of availing travel insurance, for a stress-free trip. 1. An Unexpected Trip Cancellation – A trip may need to get cancelled for a myriad of reasons such as ill health restricting one’s ability to travel, the loss of someone close, unexpected work suddenly coming up that cannot be postponed or ignored, or unforeseeable issues at the destination making a trip unlikely. Whatever the reason, a travel insurance usually comprises of a trip cancellation insurance, through which a person can recover all prepaid expenses for the trip. 2. Missed Flights, Delays – International travel insurance policies often also come with assistance services to help customers to arrange and pay for unexpected travel changes. For instance, a person may plan to go for a trip on a cruise ship but may discover at the last minute that the connecting flight to the cruise ship’s location is delayed. The missed connection will mean that the person will be unable to board the cruise ship at the departure time. However, when one has travel insurance, the missed connection insurance can help the insured traveller by providing another flight to make it to the cruise ship at its next stopover. Thus, saving the trip from an abrupt end and grave monetary losses. 3. Cancelled Flight – A flight can be cancelled for many reasons. These can include natural disasters such as storms causing bad weather that prevents aircraft from operating. Getting an online travel insurance policy that covers trip interruption can provide affected people with funds to cover the expenses of a new flight ticket or to pay for accommodation in a comfortable hotel. 6. Illness or Injury – People can often get sick or injured during their holidays. A person may be holidaying to fall ill owing to several reasons. The traveller may need urgent medical care, which may be expensive in the international destination without the right travel insurance. This situation can make the holiday miserable, however getting travel insurance that covers travel medical expenses can help settle the huge medical expenses. 7. Accidental death and disability cover – In case a traveller meets with an unfortunate event leading to disability or dismembering injury while travelling or uneventful death, the beneficiary of the traveller is paid a death benefit, which works very similarly to a life insurance policy. There are many other reasons why it makes sense to get traveller insurance, such as lost or delayed baggage, lost misplaced passports, theft or a medical emergency. Getting travel insurance online or offline, is easy, convenient and available at competitive rates, making it an indispensable part of one’s travel plans.

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