The Benefits of Shell Fuel Card by Fleetcor in Belgium And Europe

FLEETCOR is a transborder company that specializes in payment services and products. It cooperates with more than 800 partners and is focused on supporting special fuel cards, fleet cards, and corporate lodging discount cards. The company’s services range from simple transaction processing to advanced program management. It operates in more than 40 countries across the globe. How FLEETCOR became a global Shell fuel card partner Shell is one of the “Big Oil” companies that operates in the global fuel market. The well-known company sells nearly 3 million barrels of oil daily. In the 2000s, Shell started working with FLEETCOR to improve the customer support of their business customers. After the analysis being done, the latter company implemented a specialized platform to maintain Shell card program worldwide. The goal was to spread Shell’s vision on customer relationship to the audience. After the successful execution of the platform, FLEETCOR was chosen to be Shell fuel card partner and distributor. What you’ll get by using Shell Card You have a chance to take all the advantages with Shell card by FLEETCOR. The card opens an access to high-quality fuel and one of the greatest service platforms in Europe, no matter whether you run a small or big business. With a euroShell card each customer obtains control, security, and convenience of use. The employment of the FLEETCOR’s euroShell card system means that you get not only discounts and special customer support service, but also a big list of benefits which include:

? Access to nearly 22 000 sites in 31 countries of EU. FLEETCOR’s euroShell cardholders can refuel on 450 Shell and Esso filling & service stations in Belgium. ? Advanced payment system. Control the drivers’ payments, setup limits on purchases, detect the shady transaction in real-time with highly efficient security system. ? Simple online management program. Pay all your bills with only one transaction and be always updated with new financial information which is relevant to your business. ? Reduce road expenses due to the VAT refund on fuel discounts and specials. Saving your money with a special solution – Shell FuelSave Partner program. The perfect euroShell card for your business As you may know, Shell has a few types of cards for its customers in the European Union. How to know which one perfectly meets your requirements? It’s very easy to define. If you prefer fuel of Shell quality only, a Single euroShell fuel card will be enough to cover your needs. With Multi card your fleet will have an access not only to premium quality fuel with extremely competitive pump prices throughout the Shell network, multi Shell fuel card also provides your vehicles with a great opportunity to refuel at appr. 250 Esso sites in Belgium. Both Single and Multi network fuel card solution can be suitable for all types of your fleet. It can be an excellent choice for any enterprises. Still no matter what type of FLEETCOR’s euroShell card you decide upon, you’re always sure to get the same top tier customer support by FLEETCOR and consistent high-quality fuel by Shell and its partners.

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