Grab SBI Unnati Credit Card Without Any Credit History

Now with so many lenders in the market offering you credit card, your credit history carries an important weightage. However, not all applicants meet this eligibility criteria out of low net salary intake not conforming the norms of the lender. In order to address this issue, State Bank of India has launched SBI Unnati Credit Card irrespective of Credit history in order to fulfill the people’s instant financial needs. The applicants need to maintain a minimum account balance of ? 25,000 in your SBI savings bank account; an SBI Unnati Credit Card will be offered at your doorstep. SBI has made possible for all the applicants by making the application process simpler as ever before. Only KYC documents attached with your application form is enough for your application to get approved towards SBI Unnati Credit Card. Now anybody can get rid of innumerable documentation processes for availing a credit card as SBI will enclose them in the canopy of SBI Unnati Credit Card. SBI Unnati Credit Card Eligibility A general customer of SBI who maintains a minimum balance of ? 25,000 is eligible to apply for SBI Unnati Credit Card. SBI Unnati Credit Card Features The users of SBI Unnati Credit Card can avail ? 500 cashback on spends of ? 50,000 or more in a year. The users can avail one reward point per ? 100 spent on the card. Users can prefer using their SBI Unnati Credit Card across 24 million outlets throughout the world, including 3,25,000 outlets in India. The payments can be made through SBI Unnati Credit Card at any outlet that accepts Visa or MasterCard. The users can persuade their family to access add-on cards which include usage their parents, spouse, children or siblings over the age of 18. The users can withdraw cash from over one million Visa or Master Card ATMs across the world. The payment for their electricity, telephone, mobile and other utility bills can be made by using the Easy Bill Pay facility on SBI Unnati Credit Card. The transfer of outstanding balance of other banks’ credit cards can be made to SBI Unnati Credit Card and get a lower interest rate and pay back in equated monthly installments(EMIs). The users of SBI Unnati Credit card can use the facility of Flexipay in order to convert their transactions into easy monthly installments. They can also make purchases worth ? 2,500 or more using their SBI Unnati Credit Card and log in with their username and password on SBI Card website within 30 days of purchase in order to convert it into Flexipay. With an Easy Money option, users can get a draft or a cheque against their cash limit and obtain a delivery at their doorstep. SBI Unnati Credit Card Charges 1. Extended Credit For retail purchases, you will be availing 20 to 50 days interest fee credit period and such periods will be applicable if you have cleared your previous months’ outstanding balance. The service charges would be applicable upto 2.50% per month which amounts to 30.0% per annum from the transaction. These charges are categorized as finance charges. Under the minimum amount due, SBI Unnati Credit Card provides 5 % of the total outstanding (minimum ? 200 +all applicable taxes+EMI(in case of EMI based product)+overlimit amount(if any)). 2. Cash Advance Limit Up to 80% of credit limit is available with a maximum of ? 12,000 per day On cash withdrawal, 2.50% per month would be a chargeable amount, accounting to 30.0% per annum from the withdrawal date. 3. Cash Advance Fees 2.5% of the transaction amount is charged on SBI ATMs or other bank ATMs, subject to a minimum of ? 300. 3% of transaction amount is charged for using international ATMs, subject to a minimum of ? 300. 4. Other Charges ? 90 will be the charges for cheque collection for SBI Unnati Credit Card. 2% of the payment amount will be charged as a payment dishonour fees, subject to a minimum of ? 350. ? 100 per statement will be the charges which are two or three months old in order to recover your statements for SBI Unnati Credit Card. ? 225 per retrieval of the slip will be charged for SBI Unnati Credit Card. 5. Card Replacement ? 100 is charged for replacement of SBI Unnati Credit Card.

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