What Activities Does an Accountant Handle For Your Business?

Whether it is a small business that you are running or a large one, the need to manage your finance is an important task. But, if handling finances is not the core focus area of your business, then it becomes difficult for you to manage the money matters. Hence, to make this job simple for you, there are a number of agencies which can provide you financial help at finger tips. Such companies provide a financial analysis of your business. Based on the findings from the analysis, they provide a financial model that best fits your business, since not all businesses need the same financial solution. Since these agencies provide a customised solution to all your financial needs, they are the most sought after business nowadays. With this, you should be able to hire accountants who could make your money matters simpler to handle. Before hiring an accountant in Atlanta from such agencies, it is important for you understand what is expected out of them to run your business smoothly. 1. Who is an accountant? An accountant is a person who understands your business model and based on this model, he also understands the finances of your company. Based on your business needs, the accountant will do the book-keeping of your business finances on a fortnightly, weekly or on a daily basis. Apart from the above tasks, following are the services that you could expect from your accountant: a. Help while writing a business plan and model. b. Making up the company’s financial legal structure. c. Annual finance maintenance. 2. How could an accountant help your business? Apart from preparing your assets and liabilities, there are a few major things that your accountant could help you with. These are some of the tasks in which an accountant is very good at:

a. Bookkeeping of all your finances – day to day activities, monthly and yearly statements. b. Cash flows, profit and loss statements. c. Taxes paid and the related information about the taxes borne by your business. d. Billing, payroll processing, invoicing and computing all this information. 3. Why should you hire an accountant from an agency and not have an in-house full-time accountant? You can have an internal accountant to do all your financial activities. But hiring an external accountant on need basis fits well for most of the businesses. a. You might need the accounting services only at some time of the year, so having a full-time, in-house accountant might not suit well for your business. In such cases it is economical to hire an accountant on need basis. b. While hiring an external accountant, you will be paying only for the services and hours that the accountant has worked on your business and not a penny more. Though hiring an accountant in Atlanta is easy, you need to remember that you can go ahead and hire a person only when you and your business are ready to delegate the work. At some point, when you are ready to trust the other person and delegate your financial activities you can go ahead and hire accountant help for your business.

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